A Chance Meeting? Nah……

So, if you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you might have read a story I wrote a while back.   I was working at a local coffee shop (getting some stuff done before going back to the home office).   There were two guys sitting at the table next to mine and when they finished up, one of the guys came over and said to me,  “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?   Are you involved in running a ministry?”   So, I explained to him that my role is to raise support and funding for an orphanage in Haiti.   His next sentence has stuck with me for a long time – “God told me to tell you that everything is going to work out.”

So we talked a bit more and I thanked him for that and went about the rest of my day feeling a bit more secure and assured that “God’s got this.”

So, jump forward to tonight.   My wife (night shift nurse) is at work.  My 12 year olds have youth group tonight, so I’ve got 2 hours all to myself.   Normally, I would have either gone home or gone to the Biggby that’s relatively close to our church.

But tonight, I didn’t.  My younger 12 year old had some library books that had to get returned today.    My wife was going to drop them off on the way to work but my daughter neglected to bring them down in time.   So, I told her I’d drop them off after I brought them to youth group.

Since I went that way, I decided that rather than go to Biggby, I’d circle around and go back to my favorite spot, Panera.

I walked into the upstairs at Panera and this young guy was walking out.   He turned and looked at me, “Hey, I know you.   You’re the guy I met a few months ago with a ministry in Haiti?   How is it going?   What can I pray for for you?”

So we talked for a few minutes, I told him that probably the main prayer request I would have is for faithfulness.   Pray for faithfulness for the adoptive parents who are struggling, pray for faithfulness for those who support our ministry financially.   Pray for faithfulness for our staff and volunteers.   The devil is fighting hard to wreck the lives of these children and we need people to continue to fight faithfully on behalf of “our” kids.

He shook my hand, thanked me for giving him the opportunity to pray and said that he would continue to pray for our work.

1 minute.   If I had gotten to Panera one minute later, he would have been gone.   If my daughter had brought her books down in time, I would be at Biggby and wouldn’t have met him tonight.   If……   If……..

This is no coincidence.  God had it planned and because of that plan, I had the opportunity to hear a total stranger tell me that he’s going to be praying for the kids in Haiti, for our staff and praying for me.

God is good!  All the time…….


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