Change the World – in 2014

January 3, it will officially be 3 years that I’ve been working full time on behalf of the children in Haiti.   It’s been a very difficult, wonder-full, God filled, terrible, challenging emotional and extremely spiritually enriching three years.   And I wouldn’t trade it.

Well, I wouldn’t trade most of it.   🙂

When I started in the position, my view of my job was that I was there to raise money for the orphanage.  Technically, that’s still true.

But that’s only half, if even that much, of the story.   In reality, my job is to change the world.   My job is to help people realize that God is calling all of us to care about the children who have no one to care for them and to provide ways that people can live out and act on that calling.

I plan on laying out some aggressive challenges in an effort to change the world in 2014.   The kids depend on us.

Stay tuned…..


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