Nothing Makes Sense

“I say to God, “Be my Lord!”
Without you, nothing makes sense.”  Psalm 16:2 (The Message)

I’ve talked to numerous people going through tough times, whether they be financial, physical, emotional or other.   I’ve talked to numerous people who live and work in 3rd world countries (like Haiti, Uganda, Kenya and Bangladesh) who deal with and see suffering on a daily basis.   Suffering that most of us in the first world will never see.

“Without you, nothing makes sense.”    How could you see and deal with that type of suffering without knowing that there is a God?

“Without you, nothing makes sense.”    I don’t believe that means that as soon as you become a Christian, everything will make sense.    I do believe that when you become a Christian, you can rest in the comfort that God has a plan and that one day, maybe not until we get to heaven, but one day we will see what God’s plan is.

I also believe that we are, in many ways, living in a time similar to the period of WWII between D-Day and the end of the war.    After the initial landing and infiltration was completed, the final outcome was certain.  We knew who was going to win the war eventually, but we had a lot of really nasty nasty fighting to go through yet.

We know that Satan has been defeated and that he will not triumph, but we are still in a battle – a battle that we will win – but a battle that will be painful…….

Keep the faith, keep fighting.

God is faithful.


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