Makes Me Wonder…….

So, I’m working on reading through the Bible during 2014 (and I’m only 6 days behind schedule) and right now I’m plowing through some of the really exciting  chapters in Exodus where God is instructing the Israelites how to build the temple and how to make the priests clothes and robes and such.

The detail is rather mind boggling.    But then it made me wonder, “If God was that particular about how His people worshipped him in the Old Testament, why was worship styles and places much different in the New Testament and beyond?”

I think the reason for that is that after Jesus died on the cross for us, the focus became much less on following a prescribed ritual and more on a relationship with the one that saved us.

So, that raises another question – if the important thing is having a relationship with Jesus Christ and doing what He wants us to, then why do we argue so much about the style of worship?   Why does it make a difference if we use drums or an organ?    Why do some people get upset no matter what way worship is done?

God gave specific directions before Christ and worship styles have definitely changed and relaxed since then.   The important thing is not the how, but the relationship.   Are you studying a God who is out there?   Or are you having a conversation with a friend who can help you get through what you’re struggling with and can help you follow Him?

It’s not about the how, it’s about the who.  

Are you studying a God from afar or are you seeking a relationship with the one who saved you?


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