When God Doesn’t Answer……

A friend of mine recently wrote this on Facebook…..

“In keeping with my natural, God-given, questioning nature which I have decided to embrace rather than ignore, I have been plagued with this thought for nearly a week. It came to the forefront once again after Soso’s thought provoking conversation about God being too busy to heal her twin.

Here it is…Why is it we are so fearful being real about the feeling of abandonment by God when He doesn’t answer or give us any sign that He listens when His own Son said these words, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” His own Son!

Seems to me in my human brain that being real before God and asking those hard questions simply isn’t as simple as quoting scripture.

It is about living faith while asking God why He forsakes us and then knowing He accepts our humanness, stores our tears and watches as we obey by moving forward despite no answers and believing He IS the rewarder of those who seek Him.”

Tom here……

For anyone who is dealing with unanswered prayers, illnesses that won’t go away and other struggles, I believe that it is okay to be real with God and to be upset about the unanswered prayers, while at the same time retaining the belief that God has a plan and His plan is better than ours.

But it is hard, very hard.

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