Why all the Rules…..?

So, as I continue to read through the Bible, I’m working my way, right now, through the book of Psalms and also the book of Leviticus.   

Psalms reminds me of a buffet – there is so much there that one reading of it barely even helps  you fully understand what all is in there.    Wisdom, pain, suffering, talking with God, wrestling with God, rejoicing with God, it’s all there.

And then there is the book of Leviticus.    Rules, rules, rules and many of them seemingly obtuse, unrealistic and just plain weird.   Why?   Why are there so many rules in the Old Testament?

And then it hit me – what changed between then and now?   Jesus died and rose again.   The fact that He came and gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of our sins means that our focus shifts.   Our focus shifts from following all of these rules (don’t eat an animal that chews it’s cud unless it’s hoof is clove?  Seriously?) to Jesus command to follow Him.

As Mary said to the workers at the wedding in Cana in John 2:5, “Do whatever He tells you.”   The focus shifted from showing our love and devotion to God by following nit picky rules in the Old Testament to loving Jesus and doing what He tells us to.

May we all approach today and the future with that mindset,  “Do what He tells us to.”


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