Tomorrow–a Day for Relationships

There’s something special happening tomorrow.   It’s not just a day for basketball games (though that does happen).   Tomorrow, there’s a gathering of sorts happening in Hudsonville, Michigan.  Over 100 people will be coming to the gathering. To eat pizza. To eat other food. To play games. And why are we coming together?   Because we all … Continue reading Tomorrow–a Day for Relationships

Thoughts On Afflicting the Comfortable (Part #3)

“I believe pastors are called to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”  Mark Batterson, Catalyst I have a confession to make.    I’m a member of a secret group on Facebook.   No it’s not a cult, it’s not anything evil.   I describe this group as a group of people who aren’t satisfied with the status … Continue reading Thoughts On Afflicting the Comfortable (Part #3)