August 17, 2003

I’ll never forget the day. It was August 17, 2003. Back in the days of dial up internet, we tied up our home phone line for HOURS every day waiting to hear from Dixie on who she would propose for us as our children.

And then it came. Two small pictures and a brief history on each of them.

And we were in love. It’s hard to imagine how quickly you can come to love someone you’ve never met. But we did.

Every month when it got to be about the “time” of the monthly update, we’d stay glued to the computer watching and waiting for the updates. We’d ooh and ahhh over the pictures, compare the weights and heights to see how much they have grown and share the information and pictures with our family and friends.

While it doesn’t do anything for the children to get to know their family, it sure helps the family get to know their children.


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