Don’t Tell God…….

Numbers 11: 23 “God answered Moses, “So, do you think I can’t take care of you? You’ll see soon enough whether what I say happens for you or not.””

This particular passage takes place after the Israelites are grumbling in the desert because all that they are eating is manna.   All the time, manna.   No variety – but at least they are eating.

That’s not good enough for the people.   They want meat too.    And Moses is taking the heat for it.   He’s got 600,000  people who he is “in charge” of and they are grumbling and they are getting mad.

So, Moses goes and talks to God and complains about the Israelites.  God says, “All right, I’ll give these ungrateful people meat.   But I’m going to give them so much meat that they are going to get sick at the sight or the mention of meat.”

Moses then switches from arguing for meat to saying, “Hey wait a minute, God, you can’t do that – we don’t have enough flocks to provide meat for everyone.”    He’s essentially telling God, “I know better than you do what you can or can’t do.”

God comes back with the response in vs. 23.   So you think you know better than God?   Do you think you can second guess what God says He’s going to do? 

The audacity  of questioning God – but at the same time don’t we do that every day?   “Why God, why did you allow…….?”    “What are you thinking, God, by allowing………?”

Don’t tell God what He can or can’t do.   We have no idea what God is capable of.

Instead, tell God, “Do what you want, do what you feel is best and let me know what part you want me to play.”

Telling God what to do is never going to end well.

Telling God that you’ll do what He wants always ends well.


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