It’s Who You Are

Ann Voskamp wrote, “But the thing is? Your words can say a lot of things. But only your trail tells the truth.

The thing is? Actions are always turned up far louder than words.
Worship is not only what you verbalize, what you say.
Worship is ultimately a verb— worship is ultimately what you do. It’s who you are.”

You can read the whole article here.

A couple of important thoughts that hit me in this article……

Only your trail tells the truth – we can say all we want about anything we want, but only our trail tells the truth.   Only our actions really show who we are.

Worship is not only what you say, worship is what you do.    That’s pretty harsh for people who talk a good story, go to church and “look perfect” but then don’t live the way that God intends them to or don’t acknowledge the hurts and the pains that everyone feels.

Worship is what you do.    It doesn’t matter what you do, you could be a mechanic, you could be a nurse, you could be a stay at home mom.   Everything you do is worship.  Everything you do should pour out from your love of God and His gift to you.

To me this means a couple of things:

  • Every day should be viewed as a partnership.   It’s me and God (or more accurately, it’s God and me).   We are doing life together, we’re raising kids together, we’re praying for our family together, we’re enjoying quiet time with the kids, we’re enjoying the noise and bustle of daily life, we’re crying over illnesses and over injustices, we’re being moved to action over the wrongs we attempt to right, we’re pushing a broom, we’re crunching numbers, whatever you do, it’s a partnership with God.
  • What you say is important, but what you do is more so.   You can say that you’re passionate about social justice, but if you don’t do anything about the injustices, it doesn’t mean much.   You can say that you love adoption but if you don’t do something to support someone who is adopting…….
  • Church, real church, is not about making people feel good, it’s not about instilling head knowledge, it’s about equipping the members of the church to go out and do.   Do what?   Do what God has called them to do.   Do what God has equipped them to do.   Do what Jesus would have them do.   Friends of mine are planting a church in Ypsilanti  Michigan called the Antioch Movement.   They are, in my view, doing a wonderful job of encouraging the members of their group to go out and do in a community that needs it.
  • Since worship is who you are, not what you say, it doesn’t really matter whether you use an organ, a piano, guitars, bongo drums.   It doesn’t matter whether you are all dressed up or whether you are wearing jeans.    What matters is that you show up with the desire to see God and to say, “God, show me what you want me to do.”
  • There is a difference between a classroom lecture and a sermon.   A classroom lecture is designed to impart knowledge.   A sermon should be designed and shared to impart the desire to be part of what God’s up to and to provide listeners with the tools so that if they choose, they can be part of what God’s up to.

Worship is who you are.   What you do says more about who you are than what you say.   May we all live in light of those ideas and align our who and our what more closely with Jesus.


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