Many Goliaths, One God

I just recently started reading Richard Stearns book, “He Walks Among Us – Encounters with Christ in a Broken World.”   As I read it, I’m going to share some thoughts, insights and reactions to it.     If you aren’t familiar with who Richard Stearns is, he’s the recently retired (or soon to be) President of World Vision and the author of “A Hole in Our Gospel.”

When I mention the name Goliath, what is the first image that comes to mind?   A young shepherd with a slingshot?   Yeah, that was pretty much my opinion too.

In telling the story of Richard, a 13 year old in Uganda, who is caring for his two younger brothers because his parents both died of AIDS, Goliath takes on a new meaning.

The Goliath of poverty – fighting to survive, fighting to keep your brothers alive even though your parents died.   That’s Richard’s Goliath.

The Goliath of being an orphan – the grief of losing your first parents, the shock of starting over and learning to trust again.

The Goliath of unemployment – how can you provide for those you care about if you don’t have an income?

The Goliath of medical conditions – struggling to live the life you want to because of physical limitations.

The Goliath of…….   We could go on and on and list many other Goliaths that many of us face.

But we need to remember two things:

  • David didn’t kill Goliath all by himself.   Yes, he’s the one who threw the stone, but you and I both know that he didn’t do it without God’s help.
  • We don’t have to face our Goliath alone.

“I find great comfort in knowing that God’s plan for us does not rely on our greatness but on His……..”   (Richard Stearns – He Walks Among Us)

Every single one of us is facing a Goliath.   Some of the Goliaths are readily visible.    Some of them are lurking in the shadows and don’t come out for all to see.

Remember that there is no Goliath that is more powerful than our God is.

And that can give us the courage to step forward, to call Goliath out and to fight knowing that God will be there to fight with us.

Pray that God will help you identify your Goliath and plan an attack on him – because this world will be a better place with less Goliaths.


1 thought on “Many Goliaths, One God

  1. Mike Lane

    I have a few Goliaths – I don’t like them! We all have them and I think they help us grow, in spite of what we may think at the time. But for now I think I’ll check into this book! Maybe it will help me slay a goliath or two.


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