The Paperwork, The paperwork……

We made the decision. Our child(ren) were in Haiti. What now?

I’ve had people ask me, “How in the world did you handle the paperwork for adopting? Isn’t it ridiculous?”

Let me share a couple of thoughts on that front……

Yes, the amount of paperwork can be intimidating. There’s a LOT of it. I would equate it to doing three years of tax returns in a couple of months. While keeping the rest of life going as well.

Lists, lists, lists and more lists. About every three or four days, I’d sit down and get everything out and go over the lists and update them on what we need, what we’re waiting for, what we need to do and what we need to pay for yet.

Then I’d get one of the lists and my wife would get another one. We’d each have our part that we had to do.

(Repeat process every three or four days)

Why is there so much paperwork required? Two reasons, as I see it……

Government – not just one but two governments are involved. Any time you get government involved, you’re going to end up with more paperwork. When you get two governments involved, you’re going to get even more paperwork.

The importance of doing it right. I’ll say more about this later, but when you are dealing with the lives of two families and more importantly children, it is very important that things get done right. It’s important that the families the kids get placed in are reliable and trustworthy and that everything was done appropriately in the home country to verify that the children are adoptable and everything was done legally.

So, yes, there’s a lot of paperwork. But it’s worth it.

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