The Things I Learned on Saturday

So, Saturday, I spent the afternoon with approximately 100 of my close friends.    What makes them close friends?   Well, besides for the fact that they are all awesome people, the fact that they all have Haitian kids and a heart for Haiti make them close friends.

I learned (or relearned) a number of things on Saturday.    Let me share a few of them…….

  • 100 people can eat a LOT of pizza.    We ordered 14 extra large pizzas and there were 6 pieces left.   Of course my son ate 5 pieces.   Smile
  • Haitian kids are not quiet kids.   Enough said?
  • Even the kids get it.    The appreciation of the opportunity to be with other transracial families and other kids where the kids and the parents aren’t all the same color is important to everyone.
  • While the parents don’t “get it” they are willing to do it.    I had the opportunity to talk with a couple of adoptive parents who are just starting the process.    One of them said,  “I know that I don’t know what I’m getting into.   I know that I have no idea the challenges that I’ll face and I’m doing my best to prepare for that.   But I  know Who told me to do it and so we’re jumping in.”   That, my friends, is a rock star of faith and challenge.
  • We’re all the opposite of the Simon and Garfunkel song,  “I am a Rock.”    We aren’t rocks, we aren’t islands and we benefit from being supported by others who are walking the same path.
  • Two of the Haitian kids who were at the gathering were part of the group that was evacuated after the earthquake.    There were more of that group there, but these two were extra special.    Rose and Elli – if God hadn’t brought you to Miami and then to the Midwest when He did, you wouldn’t be here today.   Every time I get to play with, tease, tickle or just watch either of them I’m reminded of the goodness of God – even in times of pain and struggle.

Was it fun?    Yes it was.    Was it a learning experience?    Absolutely.    I’m better off and significantly richer for the  time spent…….

God is good (all the time)

All the time (God is good)


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