When No One Is Looking

I’ve read this before but my friend, Todd Waller, recently posted this on his blog.   You can read it in it’s entirety at Todd Waller.

The sentence that stood out for me was this:

“the greatness of what you are building when no one sees.”

What is that talking about?   A couple of things……

Many of the really great, extremely awesome things that really matter in life are done when no one is watching, when no one is cheering, when no one is standing and applauding.

But it’s like building a cathedral.  It’s something that’s bigger than you, it’s something that you probably won’t see the end result of.

Whether that’s investing in the lives of your children or in the life of an orphan or sponsoring a child or starting a business or mentoring someone.   Whether it is praying for someone or a simple act of kindness, we never know the impact that we’re going to have on others.

So, what kind of cathedral are you building?    What are you investing in that is bigger than you, bigger than your life?


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