Your Vision of Yourself

It’s something that most of us wrestle with.   It’s frankly something that all of us should wrestle with.   There are a few who think too highly of themselves.  But most people have a vision of themselves that is less than it should be.

I’m not strong enough.

I’m not quick enough.

I’m not that good looking.

What, I’m not a good writer!!?!?

I can’t speak in front of a large crowd.

Look at Moses – he obviously didn’t think much of himself.    But look what God did with him.

Look at how God took a lowly shepherd boy and made him the king of Israel.

Look how God has taken every single one of us who believes in Him and said, “You are my child, your sins are forgiven, you are free.   Go be the person that I want you to be.”

That means we are strong enough.

We are quick enough.

We can make it happen.

God doesn’t call the equipped.   He equips the called.

So what has He called you to do?    And how is He giving you the strength to do it?

You are a child of God, so let that impact your view of yourself.

And let it also impact what you can accomplish to make this world a better place……

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