Be the Rope?

This must be the day that Josh Garrels is speaking to me (not physically but through my Josh Garrels station on Pandora)…….

One of my all time favorite lines in his music is this,  “We’re all castaways in need of rope.”

There are a couple of things that really resonate with this line……

  • No matter your stage in life, the situations you might find yourself, your perspective on other people who might have it better or worse than you, immediately, Josh puts us all on the same level.   We’re all castaways.   Not just the poor, not just the unemployed, not just the sick, not just those who don’t speak English, not just those who are parenting difficult children, not just……..   We are all castaways.
  • In need of rope – Why would a castaway need rope?   It’s very simple – to be rescued.    If a castaway doesn’t grab onto the rope, they will continue to drift in the ocean and the outcome won’t be good.  We are all castaways and we all need rescuing.

So here’s the question that I’m pondering today and I hope you’ll ask yourself the same question.    I hope you’ll wrestle with it often.

If we are all castaways in need of rope, how can you be the rope for someone else?    How can you help someone else be rescued.   Rescued from their own particular struggle, rescued from their struggles with their faith, rescued from…… well, frankly if we all are castaways, we all have struggles and needs and we all need rescuing.

How can you be the rope for someone else?

How can you share with someone else the way you need a rope?


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