Building a Wall in 52 Days

So, there was this guy, Nehemiah.   He lived during the Bible times – back in the Old Testament – back when Israel was in captivity.

And the city of Jerusalem was destroyed – leveled.    The entire great wall around the city was destroyed.  There was nothing there to protect the Jews and it was a symbol of how far Israel had fallen.

But did this guy Nehemiah say, “Wow, this is awful, this is such a big problem, I can’t fix it by myself.   I’m going to go tear my clothes, pour ashes on my head and sit in the corner and cry?”

Nope, that wasn’t our guy Nehemiah.   He said, “It’s a big job but we can do it.”    And Nehemiah and the Israelites proceeded to begin rebuilding the wall.   They did it one brick at a time, focusing on what they could do and on the job immediately in front of them.

When they came across an obstacle, they dealt with it.   Attacks from enemies, no problem – let’s put one guy building and the next standing behind him guarding him. 

Ephesians 4:6 – We kept at it, repairing and rebuilding the wall.   The whole wall was soon joined together and halfway to it’s intended height because the people had a heart for the work.”  (MSG)

Two important phrases in that verse –  “We kept at it.”   They had a big job to do but they kept at it.   How do you build a wall?   One brick at a time.   But you have to keep at it.

“The people had a heart for the work.”    They  cared about what they were doing.

So, let’s jump to the present.   No matter what you’re talking about, if you want to solve a problem, it’s probably a really big problem.    God is saying, through Nehemiah’s story, I believe that the way to accomplish big things is to do small things well.

Small things  like laying a brick.

And then laying another one.

And another one.

So, where are you going to lay your bricks today?

Oh yeah, the work team that Nehemiah put together?   They finished the entire wall in 52 days.

Fifty two days.

The power of a bunch of people doing small things with passion can make a huge difference.


How about you?   What small things are you going to do to make a difference?

Do it well.

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