Church Is…….

I heard an Easter Sunday morning sermon that had a number of “jewels” in it that really made me think.    I’m going to hit on them over the course of the next while – maybe one every day or two…….

“Church is a weekly recovery meeting.”    “If you don’t believe Church is a weekly recovery meeting, then you’ve got even bigger problems on top of all of your regular problems. “

Think about it, church is a weekly recovery meeting.    As in a recovery from the sins, the addictions, the compulsions that ruin our lives.    Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous…….. The list of things that we need to recover from is endless.

And one of, if not the most crucial roles of the church is to be a weekly recovery meeting.   A chance for a bunch of screwed up people to come together, listen to and talk to God and gain the strength that we need to be able to go out into world  and help others see what God is and what living for God truly involves.

That means that we all need to acknowledge that we are totally screwed up.    Each in our own way.

But we’ve all screwed up, we’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all said and done things that we shouldn’t.    We’ve all hurt people we love and people we don’t love but should love.

And that was just this past week.

Two things I’ve learned over the last 10 years when I’ve been hanging around with adoptive parents:

  • Adoptive parents are some of the best people at admitting their mistakes.    We know this is a difficult road.    We know that we will screw up.   We know that we need help and that things will be hard.   We cherish the opportunity to go to weekly recovery meetings at church that will feed our souls and give us the strength to deal with our challenges for another week.
  • The first world church is very uncomfortable with admitting that anything is wrong.    Unless you can fix it by providing a meal or putting a cast on it, they are very uncomfortable with admitting that things aren’t “great.”     Deep down inside they all have their own struggles and challenges.   Every.Single.One.of.Them.   But we have created an environment at church where it’s not considered acceptable to admit to anything less than “great” or “fine” when asked.

Think how much stronger the church would be if we’d all be real.   Think how much more passionate the church could be if we’d all admit that we need a recovery meeting every week – just to make it through whatever our struggles are.

God has great plans for His people.    But we need to acknowledge that we’re struggling and we need a recovery meeting.

Not a “let’s put on our Sunday best and pretend everything is perfect when it’s not.”

That’s not good enough for God.


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