Coming out of the Fog……

So, yesterday I shared with you some thoughts about grief and the struggles that I and my family are facing right now.   If you didn’t read it, you can read it at

An amazing thing has happened since then.   No, the grief is still there, the struggles are still there, but so many people have reached out, God has spoken in many ways and has said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.   And I’ve got that.   Oh and the other thing that might come up, I’ve got that too.”

Have the troubles gone away?   No.   Is the path clearer?   No it’s not.

But God has stepped up through many of you and said, I’ll lift the cloud, I’ll clear the path, I’ll show you the way.   Just trust me and wait for me.

So, this week, this coming Good Friday and Easter and even going beyond that, we wait.

God’s got Good Friday.

God’s got Easter.

He’s got the kids in Haiti.

He’s got me and you in his hands.

Thank you for showing the grace and mercy of our heavenly Father.

Thank you for waiting with me.


2 thoughts on “Coming out of the Fog……

  1. One Thankful Mom

    We’re doing more grieving here as well, but knowing that the Lord is good and has a good plan. I put this Beth Moore quote on my blog today: “If Jesus gives us a task or assigns us to a difficult season, every ounce of our experience is meant for our instruction and completion if only we’ll let Him finish the work. I fear, however, that we are so attention-deficit that we settle for bearable when beauty is just around the corner.”
    I hope you find beauty just around the corner for you and your family. One day we’ll all share a meal together. Lisa

  2. tomvanderwell Post author

    Lisa – thank you for coming by. I would consider it a privilege to share a meal with as much of your tribe as it’s possible to get together.

    I read about your weekend and about had a heart attack myself. So glad that you’re doing okay now.

    I also read what you wrote from Beth Moore this morning – and you’re right, don’t settle for bearable when beauty is just around the corner.

    Thanks for coming over and visiting. I consider it a compliment……


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