Don’t Be a Body Builder

Is there anything wrong with getting in shape?   No, I should do a lot more of that myself.

But it’s the purpose that makes the difference.   Are you going to get in shape so that you can do like Beth McHoul and run the Boston Marathon as a fundraiser for Heartline Ministries? 

Or are you going to be a body builder just to make yourself look “good?”    If you look at what body builders do, essentially they spend a lot of time exercising but the purpose is to win competitions and to look good.

Now look, if you want to do that, go right ahead.    But don’t be a spiritual body builder.    Don’t gain spiritual knowledge, go to church, read the Bible, be part of a Bible study class just to look good and win competitions in the “holier are thou” category.

Use your spiritual body building for some good.   Go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the hurting, the least of these, the needy.    Go be a friend to the friendless, go invite a neighbor to church.   

God has given us spiritual gifts for a reason.    Use them well, don’t be a body builder.


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