I Live Here too……

Numbers 35:34 (The Message):  “Don’t desecrate the land in which you live. I live here, too—I, God, live in the same neighborhood with the People of Israel.”

I live here too.  

God lives in your neighborhood.

God lives in my neighborhood.

How cool is that?   No matter where you live, God lives there too.

But now think of something else, if God lives in your neighborhood and God lives in my neighborhood, that means He also lives in the slums in Chicago and He lives in the jungle in the Amazon and He lives in the poverty stricken places like the Central African Republic and Rwanda and Cite Soleil (the biggest “slum” in Haiti.”)

And God says those are His neighborhoods.   

Do you think the time is going to come where God is going to ask us, those of us who live in really nice neighborhoods, a really important question?

“What did you do to show love to those who lived in my neighborhood – but it wasn’t as nice of neighborhood as yours?”

“What did you do to show love to the people in my neighborhood who were struggling?”

“What did you do with the really nice neighborhood that I gave you to live in?”

God lives in our neighborhood – an awesome thought – but also a big responsibility…….


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