January 12, 2010–Thoughts about Giving Back

Because of many things going on lately, I’ve kind of suspended the blog posts about my adoption story.    I’m going to try to get back into doing more of them – maybe a couple of times a week.

One last story about the importance of giving back to your kids home country.  After the earthquake, my wife went down and spent 3 weeks helping out at GLA. During that period, I was a single dad to three kids (granted one of them was a high school senior) but two of them were 8 and 9 years old. I was also attempting to work full time and spending anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day working for GLA in disaster response. You would think that my 8 and 9 year old would have been very “troubled” by it all. You would think that they would act out and feel very insecure and abandoned because Mom was gone and Dad was unbelievably busy.

They didn’t at all. They did wonderfully. They were cooperative and almost always cheerful and supportive. Why?

Because they knew that their home country was in need and that their parents valued Haiti enough to try to make a difference.

I tell you that story not to pat myself and my family on the back, we’re just ordinary people. I tell you that story to urge you to remember that the country your adopted kids came from will always be important to them, even if they don’t admit it, and it will matter to them whether it matters to you or not.

So, make your kids feel important by getting involved in the country they are from.

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