Honey–How Do We Tell the Kids?


The next question that almost immediately came to mind was, “How do we tell the kids?” How do we tell them that we’re going to add to the family – and we don’t know who, how, where from, what age? There’s a lot we don’t know. We decided to tell them at Christmas time. So […]

Spiritual Warfare–It’s All In Your Head?


I heard a sermon this morning that really made me think.    It made me think about spiritual warfare.   If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past, you know that I’m a firm believer in the fact that we are in the middle of warfare.    The pastor talked about experiences he’s had worshipping near witch […]

“Boy Was I Naïve! (How Haiti Changed My Story


As I told you before, this is the first installment in “My Story.”    I hope you remember that is my story from my perspective – and is not indicative of anyone else’s story.  Enjoy! (How Haiti changed my story) by Tom Vanderwell I’ll never forget the day. It was a Sunday afternoon in October of […]

This is a test


This is a test again…..

My Story – Uninterrupted….


I’ve had a number of people ask me to tell them my story – how I got involved, what made us decide Haiti, what the last 10 years have been like. I started writing them, got a few of them posted and then for a variety of reasons (some good, some bad) got delayed in […]