Even When It Burns…..

To listen, to love, and to pray and discern
And to do the right thing even when it burns

Those words come from Josh Garrels song, “Beyond the Blue” from the album, “Love and War and the Sea In Between.”   If you have never listened to it, I recommend you do, several times.   Every time I listen to him, I learn more and more.

These two lines really hit me this morning and I wanted to share that “hit” with you……

To Listen – He’s not talking about listening to other people or the noise of the media or the chaos of modern life.    He’s talking about listening to God.

To love – Love God, love others, love yourself – don’t be evil, don’t be judgmental, don’t be mean.  As Josh says in another one of his songs, “We’re all castaways in need of rope.”   Love each other and love God that way.

To pray and to discern –  Without praying and talking to God about what He wants, you’re not going to be able to understand what His will is for you.   It’s like trying to understand your teenager without talking to them – it doesn’t work (and NO I am not comparing God to a moody teenager).   Discern – we’ve been talking a lot in Elders at my church about discernment.   How do we know what God wants?   How are we able to put aside what we might think and move towards what God wants us to do?

And to do the right thing even when it burns – Ouch.  This is the hard part.   Even when the right thing is hard, God calls us to do it.    Even when the right thing burns, He wants us to be faithful.

That means that when He is calling us to do the right thing caring for “our neighbors,”  we need to do it even if it burns.

That means that our comfort comes a very distant 2nd to our calling to do what God wants us to.

So, what is God calling you to do?   And does it burn?   Even if it does, be faithful.

Someone will be better off and either this world or the next world will be a better place because you did it.



A Franciscan Blessing:

“May God bless you with foolishness.   Enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world, so that you can do what others claim can not be done.   Amen”

Let’s think about this for a minute or two, working back from the end to the beginning…….

Others claim can not be done…..   There are many people in this world who seem to think that it is a gift to be able to tell others what can’t be done.   “But we’ve never done it that way before.”   “You can’t do that!”    “But how are we going to…….”

You can do what others claim can’t……   Don’t listen to those who say it can’t be done.   Do it.

Foolishness from God ….  First off, if it’s from God, it might seem like foolishness according to the world’s standards, but it’s not.   Secondly, nothing is foolish to God and all things are possible.

Bless you with foolishness ……  The kind of foolishness that comes from God is a blessing, not a curse.    Embrace it, run with it, shake life up and look for God in what you see around you.

I read another book where the author asked a “famous Christian speaker and writer” this question:

“How do I know if this is God’s plan for me?”  

The answer?  “If it matches up with God’s will in the Bible and you feel led to do it, go for it with confidence.”

So what sort of foolishness is God calling you to get involved in?    What sort of foolishness is God calling me to get involved in?