The Wizard of OZ

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m reading through the devotional book, “He Walks Among Us” by Richard and Rene’ Stearns.   

In the section that I read today, Rene’ says something really important while talking about the Wizard of Oz –  “Like Dorothy’s friends, we also  have within us the capacity to be more than we make think we are.”

More than we think we are…….

Hmmmm, that kind of hits home, doesn’t it.   We have more capacity than we give ourselves credit for.

Does that mean we all have the capacity to move overseas and become a missionary?    Hah, even asking the question is funny.

Does that mean we all have the ability to adopt a child (or children)?   Nope – there are a lot of people who aren’t, for a variety of reasons, in the right time and place to adopt a child.    Many will never be.

But many who say, “I’m not able to adopt” really are, they just don’t think they are.

And many who think they aren’t able to volunteer at the local homeless shelter are.

And many who think they aren’t able to do “something” to help the less fortunate really can, it’s just outside of their comfort zone.

How does the saying go?

God doesn’t call the qualified.   He qualifies the called.

And He’s calling all of us to be a lot more qualified than we think we are capable of.

So what is He calling you towards?

Listen and follow.    The world will be a better place if we all do.


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