Why Not?

Last week, we talked about the Matthew West song and about how God has created us to make a difference for the hurting in this world.

You can read that here – http://tomvanderwell.net/2014/04/god-created-me/

Today, I want to wrestle with the next step.    So, let’s assume that you’re okay with the idea that God created you and God created me to make a difference and to fight injustice in this world.

But there’s part of you that says, “Yeah, I’m good with fighting injustice as long as I stay comfortable.”

But what if God says different?    What if God says He wants you to step way out of your comfort zone?    What if God says………?

Our typical answer is going to be “Why?”

Why did my position get eliminated?

Why haven’t other doors opened up?

Why isn’t God’s plan clear right now?

Instead, I think we need to ask a different question.

Ask “Why Not?”

Why wouldn’t God pick me to make a change for Him?

Why not me?

Why not me – to lead the fight to end injustice?

Why not me – to advocate for those who have no one?

Why not me to step out of my comfort zone?

Make sure you ask the right question……

The answer will mean the world to someone – and maybe to  you too.


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