Board not Bored

It was the spring of 2006 and I got a phone call after supper one night. I didn’t recognize the number but I’m glad I answered the call.

“Hi Tom, this is John Bickel. How are you…. We were wondering if you would be willing to serve on the board of God’s Littlest Angels.”

He didn’t even have to finish asking the question before I had accepted the opportunity. I was excited – this was my chance to give back to God’s Littlest Angels and Haiti.

I spent 6 years on the board (5 years as a volunteer and the first year of my being on staff, I was still on the board). Throughout that time, I learned a couple of things:

There are a lot of really awesome people in the world – people who really care and really want to make life better and make this world a better place.

Haiti is hard. It is very difficult to get anything done in Haiti and everything takes longer than it would in the United States or Canada.

Haiti and its people are beautiful. In many ways, they are like the US – there are beautiful places and people and ugly places and bad people.

I would strongly recommend that everyone consider being on the board or involved in some way with the operations of an organization that makes life better for those who are less fortunate than we are.

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