Bury it?

Ann Voskamp recently said something (one of many) that has resonated with me:

“You have to bury your fear in faith.   Otherwise you bury your talents.”

There is a lot in those two sentences – let’s “unpack” them for a few minutes:

“You have to…..”    Not you should, or you can or you might want to.   You have to.  That means that if you don’t, there will be consequences.

“Bury your fear.”   Not, if you have fear or if your fear is getting in the way, but a solid acknowledgement of the fact that fear is part of life.

“in faith.”   Not in alcohol, not in pleasure seeking opportunities, not in working to the point of exhaustion.   In faith.   The only way we can bury our fear is by saying, “God, I don’t know what’s happening and it scares me.”    Or “God, I know what’s happening and it scares me.”   Bring your fears to Jesus – He can handle them.

“Otherwise……”   If you don’t bring your fears to Jesus, you’ll face consequences.    What sort of consequences?

There are many possibilities, but the one that Ann brings up here is, “you bury your talents.”    Otherwise you’ll not live up to the potential that God has for you.   Otherwise you’ll live a life that doesn’t use the talents God has given you.  

The devil has made us all afraid.   He has planted the seed of doubt.   Moses doubted he was the right man for the job.   King David doubted, Peter denied Jesus because he was afraid.   We all have fears and it’s important to realize that but then also realize that God is way bigger than anything we’re afraid of.

God has big plans for all of us.    Probably way bigger plans than any of us ever thought or planned.   Bury your fears in faith in Him and watch what God can use your talents to accomplish.

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