Could We?

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to do something that is always a pleasure.    I spent well over an hour talking with a friend of mine who is one of the most unorthodox “missionaries” that I’ve ever had the privilege to consider a friend.

Oh and unorthodox is a good thing in this setting.  

What’s so unorthodox?   A couple of things…..

  • He doesn’t want to be in charge.   He actually wants the organization to be run by people who are natives of that country.
  • He believes that a substantial goal for the ministry is to develop business ventures that will not only employ people in their area but will make the ministry self sustaining – no fundraising needed.
  • He’s constantly asking, “Could We?”

Could we?

Could we do it better?

Could we be better stewards of our resources?

Could we do it different?   Would different have a better outcome?

Could we have an outcome that provides a more permanent solution?

Could we be more open about our goals, about our beliefs, about our God and about the difference that people are making?

Could we do more if we partnered with other organizations and other people?

Could we be more long term in our focus?

Could we?

He’s not afraid to ask questions, not afraid to be willing to let others get the limelight, not afraid to look at things differently, not afraid to examine everything.

And definitely not afraid to encourage others who want to make  a difference.

Nate, thank you.   Thank you for asking the questions, thank you for being an encouragement and thank you for walking this journey as I attempt to ask the questions……

Could we……….?


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