God and the Wall St. Journal

So we all got busy spreading the word and asking people to help us purchase the land. And little by little, we made progress. We were sitting about $25,000 short of the amount needed with two weeks left to go. Dixie and I spent a good bit of time talking about what we should do, how we should proceed if we fall “just a little bit” short.

At the same time, I sent out an appeal to our supporters asking them to “buy one more Christmas gift.” I asked them to take what they would spend for their family (or more) and donate it to the building fund at GLA as a way to help us get to the goal and purchase the land.

There was an uncle of one of our kids who was in the securities business. Not the security but securities business. He got up that morning and while eating breakfast, read the e-mail from me and thought, “Yeah, I should do something.” And then he went to work.

When he got to work, he was reading the Wall St. Journal and there was an article in the front section about how many of Wall St.’S brokers were using good portions of their bonuses (2006 was the peak year)to help charities that they care about.

He got on the phone, called us. We talked, we told him the plans, we told him that we were, with 2 weeks to go, $25,000 away from the total amount that we need. He said that he’d do something but he needed to think about it a bit.

The next morning, our Colorado office got a UPS package with a check in it.

For $25,000.

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