January 12, 2010–Part 1

January 12, 2010.

4:53 PM

It passed without any of our family knowing that anything important had happened.

I got home from an appointment outside the office at around 4:30, so I fired up my computer and was getting caught up on e-mail and such. In addition to e-mail, I had tweetdeck going in the background and it would pop up “news” on the right hand corner of my screen.

It was at 5:10 PM when it happened. A tweet popped up on my screen that said, “@LATimes – Major Earthquake – 7.5 – hits Port Au Prince Haiti”

And with that one tweet, we knew that many people in Haiti had just died and that for many others life would never be the same.

But we had no idea what it would really mean……

With the first “ripples” of news coming out of Haiti, there began a massive search for additional information. Channel surfing, Facebook, Twitter were all buzzing trying to figure out what it all meant.

And then the phone calls started coming. Adoptive parents called, “Tom, what do you know?”

Some of them were faithful, patient and strong. Some were panicked. Most were somewhere in between. Many of them tried to call the GLA office in Colorado but couldn’t get through there.

And details started to surface. One person would manage to get through on Twitter – and then it would spread like wildfire. @anynews – “The National Palace has collapsed.”

Every single one of the news reports that came out painted an overall picture that was more and more negative. There were bright spots – this person is okay, that person is okay but it was bad.

Really bad.

God why? Why did you allow this to happen?

Thankful that all of the kids and staff at GLA were safe – at least the ones that were at GLA when the earthquake hit, but mourning the tragedy all around.

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