January 12, 2010–Part 2

It was four days later before we heard from all of our staff – they all survived, but many of them lost family members in the earthquake.

I spent quite a bit of time that night carrying on multiple conversations but one of them was with a volunteer who was sitting outside GLA’s main building but barely within range of the wireless network. She’d constantly lose signal and then it would come back in…….

Everyone was trying to grasp the enormity and the scope of what had happened. And especially since it was getting dark at that point, figuring it out was very hard to do.

One of the adoptive moms whose son was down at GLA and I began, that night, a very aggressive fund raising campaign because we knew that no matter what happened, no matter how bad it was, it was going to take a lot of additional funds to do what needed to be done. We actually kicked off that fundraising campaign at around 3:30 AM Wednesday morning. I finally fell into bed around 4:00. But that’s more than anyone in Haiti slept that night.

We all knew that when the sun came up the next day, what we’d see and hear would be total devastation and utter chaos.

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