Living Life as a Conduit

Michael is a friend of mine who flies for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in Haiti.   He sent this out to his supporters and it spoke to me.   I hope it does to you as well.   Reprinted in it’s entirety with his permission.

Conduit: A pipe or channel for conveying…

As the passengers stepped off the plane, one of them shook my hand, leaving me with a tip.  There were two pilots flying to Pignon, Haiti that day, so he told me to split it with the other pilot.  “Take your wives out for a nice dinner.”  “This is great,” I thought.  Karen and I could really use a nice meal, and I knew just where I would take her.  I even thought about ditching the kids and going all romantic!

On the way back to home base, the other pilot and I used the air to air frequency to chat.  Both of us were grateful…and even more so when I actually looked in my pocket at what he had handed me.  $100!  WOW.  That’s huge.  I really could take Karen out!  Then I had this thought:  “Our wives don’t need a night out. There are bigger needs”  I told the other pilot that instead of splitting it evenly between us, let’s share it with our national staff.  he eagerly agreed.

You see, our national staff take care of us.  They load and fuel the planes, weigh the passengers, field phone calls, and make sure we are where we’re supposed to be.  They’re really the backbone of the whole operation.  The pilots are just the face the passengers see.

When I arrived back to base, I had our office manager make change for me.  As it turns out, we have eight haitian staff.  Each of them were thrilled to receive this gift and expressed their gratitude.  Myself, a fellow pilot, and our national staff each had an extra $10 in their pockets.  That makes for a good day and  I thought that was the end of it.  But that wasn’t all.

As I was walking out to go home, I stopped by our office to check flights for the following day.  That’s when Dieucon stopped me.  His wife had just had a baby three days earlier and he had to share this: “They just called and asked me to pick up medicine for our baby on the way home.  That money will pay for it.”  Awesome!

Yes, a nice romantic dinner out with my wife would be nice.  And we’re probably overdue for one considering I can’t remember the last one we had.  That said, Karen was thrilled when I shared this story with her.  Somehow realizing you are part of something far greater than yourself outweighs your “needs” for things like a romantic dinner.

It is so much fun being a conduit!  Thanks for being part of our ministry through MAF in Haiti!

The Broyles Family.

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