The “Call”

It was the Friday before Memorial Day. Around 9:00 in the morning. The kids were at school and my wife had worked the night before, so she was sleeping and I was at work.

The phone rang, “Hi Tom, it’s Molly.” (Brain frantically racing trying to figure out Molly who and why she was calling.)

“You know, Molly Little from Haiti.” Oh, that Molly. I hope this is good news…….

“I tried to reach Cheryl at home but got the voice mail and didn’t want to leave a message…… So I hope it was okay to call you on your cell phone?”

“Guess what! The Visa appt is June 17, it’s time to book plane tickets!”

“What? Say that again? Did you really say what I thought you did?”

The rest of the conversation covered details but it was all pretty much a blur. And then a thought hit me in almost sheer panic – it’s only 9:00! I can’t tell anyone until 3:00 this afternoon when Cheryl gets up. If I go wake her up now, she’ll never get back to sleep. If I told anyone else, she’d be mad at me for telling them before telling her!

So, for 6 hours, I had to sit on the news that in 3 weeks we were going to be able to bring our kids home. It was a long 6 hours… The long wait was over (with my apologies to those currently waiting as our wait was nothing compared to yours) and it was almost time to start being a family of 5 kids in one place……..

Thank you God!

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