The Story of Bethany

When we adopted our two kids (home in 2004), we worked directly with GLA because there weren’t adoption agencies in Michigan who did adoptions in Haiti. Haitian laws have changed and that’s not possible any more.

Bethany Christian Services national office is about 20 minutes away from my house. About the same time that I was asked to be on GLA’s board, I was beginning some conversations with Bethany about getting them “hooked up” with GLA. I started it out by asking some of my friends who work there, “Why doesn’t Bethany have a program in Haiti?” “I don’t know, you need to talk to John W.”

So I started talking with John and then we met for coffee and he said, “you know, we’d love to get involved in Haiti but we don’t know who to trust, we don’t know who to work with.” “I DO” I said…….

Numerous phone calls, e-mails and conference calls between Dixie and the head of Bethany’s international department later, we had an agreement and they began doing adoptions with God’s Littlest Angels. To know that asking questions and starting conversations with the people at Bethany will impact lives and families for generations was truly an awesome thing.

Shortly after that agreement, we began planning a trip to take some of Bethany’s people down to see GLA and spend some time working and getting acquainted with Haiti, with our staff and with the situations there. There was a group of 7 that went.

What’s the thing that surprised me most about this trip? Well, let’s just say that there were people from Bethany who have been to Korea, to Vietnam, to China, to Romania, to Guatemala and other places and some of them were absolutely surprised (and not in a positive way) about the conditions that they saw in Haiti. I’ve never been to those places, but I was surprised that they saw them as that much worse. To clarify, they didn’t feel that the conditions at GLA were worse, no, they felt the conditions in Haiti overall were worse.

What’s the funnest memory I have of that trip? Me and another “dad sized” guy on our trip played basketball with one of Dixie’s sons and 4 of his friends. It was 5 on 2 and they were cleaning up on us – until we realized that we had to use our height advantage and not let the ball get below 6 ft above ground. We made a valiant comeback and it ended up close, but the old guys won………

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