The Wednesday Before Thanksgiving–Another First……

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was at work and it was about 1:00. Suddenly it started snowing hard – big fluffy lake effect snow. The type that comes down at a couple of inches an hour.

My wife called me, “The kids were down for their naps before the snow started, but I think you might want to be home when they get up and see the snow for the first time.”

So I did.

They came downstairs from their naps and looked outside. Their initial reaction was that the sky was falling. This big white stuff falling out of the sky – kind of scared them.

But then we all put boots and coats on and went out and played in it. Then they realized that it was okay and actually kind of fun.

9 years later, they are typical Michiganders and think that it snows too much and for too long…….

But the first time was precious…….

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