True to Their Profession

One of the amazing things that I witnessed during the first weeks after the earthquake was the way that the medical profession stepped up to help those devastated by the earthquake. Let me give you a few examples:

Thursday night is when it was decided that my wife would be part of the medical team traveling in to help at GLA. By Friday, we had doctors and nurses collecting supplies and bringing them to our house for her to take along. A couple of the doctors who brought supplies to us drove more than 2 hours to get it to us in time. Thanks to the generosity of them, she was able to bring more medical supplies down and medical supplies that those of us who are not medical professionals probably couldn’t provide.

There is an international business that is based in West Michigan who, for several months, used their private planes and flew teams of doctors down to Haiti to help and provide medical and particularly orthopedic care. I’ve heard it estimated that a private plane costs $40,000 to fly down there and back. If that’s true, then they spent a LOT of money helping in Haiti.

The University of Miami set up a hospital at the airport in Port Au Prince. They would fly doctors in from Miami, they’d work a 30 hour shift and then they’d fly them back to Miami. So, not only did they set up an entire hospital, they flew doctors back and forth at least 6 or 7 times per week. That’s a serious dedication to helping the injured and the sick.

There’s a doctor outside of San Francisco who, when asked by one of her pharmaceutical reps to help find 2,000 tetanus vaccines to be sent to Haiti said, “Even though there’s a worldwide shortage of tetanus vaccines, we’ll find them.” More to that story later.

There’s another story that I’m going to tell you about later…

There are countless other stories of doctors operating (literally) in horrific conditions after the earthquake, saving countless lives and providing medical care that was desperately needed without concern for their discomfort, their exhaustion or any cost. It was truly impressive to witness and be involved in in a very small way.

On behalf of those who needed help after the disaster, thank you to all of the medical professionals who answered the call.

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