Amazing Story of Ordinary People–Part 1

Okay, this story is going to take a little background so that it makes sense.

First, “jump” to the site of the earthquake with me. What do you see in the destruction? You see sharp metal, you see pieces of rebar sticking out, you see injured limbs, you see people who are missing limbs, it’s not a pretty picture. In actuality, it’s a really really difficult picture.

And it’s not a clean picture. There’s mud, dust, dirt, blood, it’s nasty.

Now I’m not a medical professional, but I know that is a situation that could very easily result in many many infections. I learned very quickly that the biggest risk of infection at that point was from tetanus.

Oh and there’s a world wide shortage of the tetanus vaccine. Great……

If you’re like me, you probably thought that tetanus was a shot you get from your doctor to make sure you didn’t get a minor infection when you stepped on something and cut your foot. It turns out that if you get a full blown case of tetanus, it’s nasty, nasty, nasty….

(Stay tuned…….)

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