Amazing Story–It’s Complete!

Next problem – the package that the vaccines will be coming in is too big to go in typical carry on luggage. What to do? Three phone calls later, I got to talk to “Captain Jones” in their command center. He authorized the okay for the vaccines to be stored in the ONLY available storage space inside the plane that isn’t typically used. There was one closet by where the flight attendants work that could fit it.

Oh and the “oversized luggage fees” of $425 – American Airlines voluntarily waived them because the vaccines were ending up in Haiti. I hadn’t even had a chance to ask and he said he’d do that.

So, it’s all in place. Wednesday morning, I get a text message from John, “Picked up the vaccines on the way to the airport.” “Boarding plane, all is well.” In the mean time, I’m talking to our people in Haiti who are talking to Junior in Miami. Junior met the plane and around 11:00 Wednesday night, I got a text message, “Met Junior, handoff complete.”

Junior took the vaccines into Haiti Thursday morning and by the end of the day on Thursday, the vaccines were being distributed to a variety of clinics and hospitals that our staff in Haiti know. Those vaccines, in less than 48 hours, went from San Francisco to saving lives in Haiti.

All because of people who went above and beyond with no reward expected but strictly because it was the right thing to do.

A Front Row Seat to God at Work……………..

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