Life, Death and a Drive Down the Mountain

So, shortly after Cheryl and I talked on Thursday morning, Dixie told her, “Cheryl, RoseLaure is really sick. I want you and Holly (another nurse) to take her down to the American doctors at General Hospital. I want to make sure she can survive a plane flight. Laurie will drive and Junior will ride shotgun.” In other words, I want to make sure she doesn’t die over international waters.

Normally, the drive from GLA down into Port Au Prince would take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the traffic (and in this case depending on which roads were blocked because buildings fell on them.) The drive took 31 minutes.

When they would need to merge into traffic, Junior would jump out of the car and bang on other cars until they let them in. Oh and the fact that Junior is big, tall and carries a gun didn’t hurt their willingness to let our team in. He’d then climb back in the car and they’d take off.

They got to the hospital and, well let’s just say that Cheryl won’t tell me details of what they saw at the hospital other than that it was a truly tragic situation. The doctors saw RoseLaure, said that they think she can make it, but they also put things in motion for an ambulance to meet them at the Miami airport so that she could get to a US hospital as soon as possible.

Back in the car they went and dashing off to the airport to meet the rest of the kids. RoseLaure has a chance.

(Stay tuned)……

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