A Miracle Sat On My Lap Tonight…….

I originally wrote this the evening after one of our semi annual Haitian Adoption Gatherings after the earthquake…….

I can’t say this very often, but I can definitely say it tonight.  “A Miracle Sat On My Lap.”

Let me tell the story.  There was a little baby girl born in Haiti about 9 months ago.  On January 12, 2010 she was living at God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage when the earthquake struck.

And people prayed for the children.

Shortly after that she got sick.  Quite sick.

And people prayed for the children.

The following Tuesday, my wife got down to GLA and immediately began helping take care of the kids.  At the same time, Dixie, Laurie, Stephanie, Melanie, well everyone there was working on the paperwork to try to get the kids home.  And people prayed.

Jump forward to Thursday of that week, and the entire GLA staff is getting the American kids ready to go to the airport.  And this little girl is really not doing very well.  Dixie tells Cheryl and Laurie that they need to take her down to a hospital in Port Au Prince to be seen by an American Doctor to make sure she can handle the trip to Miami.  As in, make sure she doesn’t die on the plane.

Now jump to midnight on Thursday.  The plane lands in Miami – the first people off the plane are my wife and this little girl.  The Miami airport has an ambulance waiting for them to take them to the Miami Children’s Hospital.  I talk to my wife at 6:30 Friday morning – “The parents need to get here, she’s not doing well.”  The medical personnel at Miami Children’s believe she has bacterial meningitis.

Friday night, this little girl ends up having brain surgery.  And there were still people praying.

On Monday, her parents told her that there was a 99% chance that she would end up in a persistent vegetative state and need to be institutionalized.  But people kept praying.

Like I said before, a miracle sat on my lap tonight.

I’d like to introduce you to RoseLaure Horne.  She’s 9 months old, crawls, can see, can hear, is learning to walk.  Her mother said that they took her for testing to see if she needed any sort of therapy.  She doesn’t.  She’s completely on target developmentally for her age.

Did I mention that there have been people praying?  A miracle sat on my lap tonight and made all of the work, the time, the effort worthwhile…….

2 thoughts on “A Miracle Sat On My Lap Tonight…….

  1. Rosemary Horne

    She is such a little miracle for sure and our princess. Looking at her now it is so hard to believe she was this small.


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