Questions but no Answers…….

There are children traveling alone across several countries to the US border to flee the threat of violence – yet my children can ride their bikes around the block without any issues.

There are children being gruesomely killed because of their parents faith – yet my children can worship freely and can go to a Christian school.

There are parents faced with a choice – certain death at the hands of Islamic extremists or potential death as a refugee in the mountains of Northern Iraq – yet the only choice I faced with my children tonight was what to have for a bed time snack.

There are children and families in the Middle East who know nothing but a life of violence and threats of danger – yet we complain because the fireworks our neighbors blew off at the 4th of July sounded too much like artillery.

There are 13 million children in this world who have lost both of their parents – and yet “we” as a first world church can’t agree on the right thing to do to help them.

There are 134 million (that’s 134,000,000) children with only one parent who are living “at risk.”   At risk of what?  A whole variety of things that no child should be at risk of.   And yet we can’t seem to get any solid momentum going on systemic orphan prevention programs that will help the parents of those children make it through the tough times and keep their families together.    There are programs that do that – but given the size of the first world church, the size of the programs is way too small.

There is a 63 year old man who made a career out of making the rest of us laugh – yet was so depressed he committed suicide.

There was a plane load of innocent people who didn’t even know they were flying over the Ukraine – and yet their plane was shot down by militant extremists.

There are people who have tried to parent “children from VERY hard places” and it hasn’t worked.   And yet the only thing that they hear is platitudes that do nothing to heal the deep scars that come from having to disrupt an adoption and relinquish your child to someone else.

There are Christian radio personalities who appear to be upstanding members of the community – and yet he was arrested and pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct with at least one minor child.

Why are these things all happening?

Why is God allowing the devil to move in these ways?   (Yes, I do believe that every single one of these is a deliberate attack by the devil on God’s people)

Where is the outrage from the church?

Why are there more people concerned with what their kids are going to wear to school than they are whether other kids even have enough food to eat?

Why aren’t organizations who are working in “orphan prevention” and aiming to help reduce the number of “poverty orphans” literally overflowing with support?

Why are people like Robin Williams and adoptive parents who are struggling or have had a disrupted adoption left to suffer alone?   

Why can’t we be more Christ like and sit with the hurting and don’t just quote Romans 8:28 to them but actually do something to help?

In spiritual warfare, we are in the time similar to the time after June 6, 1944 in World War II.   We know who the ultimate victor will be.   We know God will win the ultimate war.

But there are a lot of battles that have to be fought between now and then.

Lots of questions.

Only one answer…….


We don’t know why, we don’t know what for, we don’t know how we’re going to make it through.

But we know God.

Look around you, you’ll see people having a hard time holding on to God’s hand because of the difficulties they are in right now.   Reach out to them, help them strengthen their grip.   Just be there for them. 

If one of the international events pulls at you, do some research and find an organization that is reaching out to them – and help them do it more, do it better.  Help them be the hand that strengthens the grip.

And remember, the only answer that matter is God.


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