Things have been weighing a lot lately.









It’s hard to see so many things that are happening and feel like, in many ways, it’s hard to know what to do.   I mean, we all know that none of these situations are acceptable but why so many right now and what do we do about it?

And then to feel like God is saying, “No, I want you to work at home.   Your kids, their struggles need to come first.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen that and seen significant growth in that this summer – both in them and in me.    But it’s also mixed with frustration.    God, I want to go out and make a difference!

And then tonight, I open my devotions, and one of the chapters I read is Psalm 37.    Vs. 7 hits me straight across the forehead.

“Be still before the Lord.   Wait patiently for him.”


Is that what God wants me to do?  

That’s a whole lot easier said than done.   May we all experience more stillness and more waiting for God.

Less noise, more God.

I like that idea.


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