Underground Sprinkling

So, this morning, I’m sitting in our front porch doing some writing and listening to the rain.   It’s quiet in our house (not because everyone is in school – they are all still in bed.)

And the rain got me thinking about where we were and where we are.

Where we were – we were in a newer house with underground sprinkling (and many other things).    And rain was almost always looked at as something that got “in the way.”    In the way of being outside, in the way of many things.

Where we are – we’re in an old farm house (1890s) and we have a beautiful 1 acre lot in a subdivision.   It feels like we’re in the country but we’re in the city.    But we don’t have underground sprinkling.   So now, after a very dry spell, I got up and said, ‘Oh, it’s raining!  Thanks God!”

How many things, how much stuff gets in the way of our communication with God? Of our being aware of God? How often do we miss out on a connection to God, on being in His presence because we are too reliant on ourselves and our stuff?

I’m going to pray today that God makes us all more reliant on Him and as I listen to the rain, I’m going to hear it as God saying, “I’ve got this.”

Because even though it’s often hard to see, God does.


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