Journey to the End

Exodus 33:14 “God said, “My presence will go with you. I’ll see the journey to the end.”

How many of us are on a journey where we need God’s presence?

All of us, if we’re honest.    For some of us, life seems to be going very well right now.   For others, we’re getting close to the proverbial knot at the end of the rope.   

Yeah, it’s that tough, it’s that unknown, it’s that painful.

And many of the struggles aren’t seen by others.    And that’s a problem.

If others knew our pain and knew how to support and care for the hurting, it would be wonderful to invite them in…….

Invite them in to the struggles when your children just aren’t the way you want them to be and do.

Invite them in when we don’t know how to support our neighbors who are struggling.

Invite them in to our struggles with unemployment. 

Invite theme in to our problems and our concerns with the local church.

Oh and then there’s everything going on internationally.   I read an article yesterday about the sacrifices that many Christians are making to come in to the suffering of their friends, their family and others in their “circle.”  It makes those of us in the First World look absolutely wimpy…….

There’s one person we don’t have to invite in.  

That’s God.   If we believe in Him, He’s already here and no matter what you’re going through, He will be here until the end. 

He’ll see your journey through.

Cool stuff, isn’t it?


So What’s Your Manna?

I was reading Exodus 16 as part of my personal devotions today.   Something hit me about the story of the Israelites and their complaining.

The situation in Egypt was bad, it was very very bad.  They were forced to work……  Well, let’s say it was slavery and leave it at that.

And yet, when they were free – but conditions were tough and a bit unknown and what happens?   They start complaining.   They can’t see more than 1 day at a time and they automatically assume the worst.    They assume that because they are in the desert and there is no “visible” sign of food, they are going to all starve to death.

A totally logical conclusion.   I mean seriously, how are you going to get that many people across the desert without food?

But guess what – God doesn’t tell us to be logical.   He tells us to trust Him.   And in the Israelites case, He tells them, “I’ve got this – but you need to trust me, EVERY DAY.”

God provides for His people every day.   Many days it doesn’t seem like enough, an entire generation of Israelites died in that desert.   But they died with a daily evidence that God is in control.

So, today, as you wrestle with whatever challenges that God has in front of you, as I wrestle with my challenges, may we ask the question, “What is our manna?”    What is our reminder that God’s in control.   He’s in control of the whole thing – of all of your life, of all of my life.   But He’s not going to show us the whole thing.  

He’s going to say, “Trust me for today.   I’ve got this.”

What’s your manna?


That Always Used to Freak Me Out……

In Exodus 14, it talks about how the Israelites walked through the Red Sea.   They walked on dry ground, with a  wall of water on their right and on their left.

Think about it.  According to information I could find from my good friend, Google, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal are ranging in depths from 25 ft to 1 1/2 miles.    Can you imagine a “crowd” of 600,000 or more walking through the middle of a lake that was  even 25 ft deep?    I’ve always had images stuck in my brain of them walking in absolute silence staring up at the wall of water.    The kids holding tightly to their parents hands and everyone knowing that if the water didn’t stay back, they were all goners.

It had to be pretty deep – probably deeper than 25 ft.   I mean after all, it did wipe out the entire Egyptian army when the wall collapsed.    If the water was only 10 ft deep, there would have been survivors.

So why did it always freak me out?   Because it was a tangible and very raw sign of God’s power.   Because it was a sign of how close impending doom is if we don’t trust in God.

That wall of water comes crashing back down 30 minutes too early and thousands of Israelites aren’t going to make it.

God’s power is like that.   Sometimes he shows it, sometimes we can’t see it.    But it’s always there when we absolutely need it.

Not when we want it but when we need it. 

Not always in ways we can see – but it’s always there.

So how can you see God holding back the evil in your life today?


One Thought, One Phrase

I’m working through the book, “Seeking God’s Face” for my personal devotions.   I’ve only been using it for 3 weeks but so far, I highly recommend it.

One of the things that it said today was to take some time, dwell on the bible passages you’ve just read and see if there is one thought, one phrase that “jumps out at you.”

Psalm 46:3 in the MSG uses a phrase that jumps out at me –  “God of the Angel Armies.”

When I hear, “God of the Angel Armies” there are a couple of things that come to mind……

  • A soldier, in battle, being totally outnumbered until the angel armies come and fight back the enemy and rescue him.
  • A God who speaks love, who is love, but is also very at ease with using His Angel Armies to protect those He  loves.

It’s a dangerous, difficult world, but we have the God of the Angel Armies on our side.

And He’s not afraid to use them.