So What’s Your Manna?

I was reading Exodus 16 as part of my personal devotions today.   Something hit me about the story of the Israelites and their complaining.

The situation in Egypt was bad, it was very very bad.  They were forced to work……  Well, let’s say it was slavery and leave it at that.

And yet, when they were free – but conditions were tough and a bit unknown and what happens?   They start complaining.   They can’t see more than 1 day at a time and they automatically assume the worst.    They assume that because they are in the desert and there is no “visible” sign of food, they are going to all starve to death.

A totally logical conclusion.   I mean seriously, how are you going to get that many people across the desert without food?

But guess what – God doesn’t tell us to be logical.   He tells us to trust Him.   And in the Israelites case, He tells them, “I’ve got this – but you need to trust me, EVERY DAY.”

God provides for His people every day.   Many days it doesn’t seem like enough, an entire generation of Israelites died in that desert.   But they died with a daily evidence that God is in control.

So, today, as you wrestle with whatever challenges that God has in front of you, as I wrestle with my challenges, may we ask the question, “What is our manna?”    What is our reminder that God’s in control.   He’s in control of the whole thing – of all of your life, of all of my life.   But He’s not going to show us the whole thing.  

He’s going to say, “Trust me for today.   I’ve got this.”

What’s your manna?


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