That Always Used to Freak Me Out……

In Exodus 14, it talks about how the Israelites walked through the Red Sea.   They walked on dry ground, with a  wall of water on their right and on their left.

Think about it.  According to information I could find from my good friend, Google, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal are ranging in depths from 25 ft to 1 1/2 miles.    Can you imagine a “crowd” of 600,000 or more walking through the middle of a lake that was  even 25 ft deep?    I’ve always had images stuck in my brain of them walking in absolute silence staring up at the wall of water.    The kids holding tightly to their parents hands and everyone knowing that if the water didn’t stay back, they were all goners.

It had to be pretty deep – probably deeper than 25 ft.   I mean after all, it did wipe out the entire Egyptian army when the wall collapsed.    If the water was only 10 ft deep, there would have been survivors.

So why did it always freak me out?   Because it was a tangible and very raw sign of God’s power.   Because it was a sign of how close impending doom is if we don’t trust in God.

That wall of water comes crashing back down 30 minutes too early and thousands of Israelites aren’t going to make it.

God’s power is like that.   Sometimes he shows it, sometimes we can’t see it.    But it’s always there when we absolutely need it.

Not when we want it but when we need it. 

Not always in ways we can see – but it’s always there.

So how can you see God holding back the evil in your life today?


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