What If?

Read I Kings 19 in church this morning.   Part of it was the story of how Elijah  “called” Elisha to take over and follow in his footsteps.   A couple of things really struck me about this passage…….

Elisha was a good old country boy.   He was working the farm and when Elijah called him (by putting his cloak on him), Elisha wanted to say  goodbye to Mom and Dad.  

What if God came along and changed everything?    Elisha was out in the field with his oxen and suddenly his life was changed forever.   How did he respond?   He did two things:

  • He told his parents and said, “Goodbye – I’m doing what God is calling me to.”
  • He burned his equipment and butchered his oxen – he didn’t leave himself an escape route.   No going back – he was all in with what God wanted.

And what did God want him to do?   The first thing God wanted him to do was a very glamorous, very high paying, very prestigious role.   God wanted him to be Elijah’s servant.

God changed everything.   Elisha’s life was never the same.

And God’s first plan was for him to be a servant.

How many of us would willingly go along with God’s plan if He wanted us to be a servant?

How different would the church and the witness of the church in today’s world be if more of us were willing to let God change everything.

And make it not about me.

Not about what’s comfortable for me.

But make it about being faithful and answering God’s call.

Elijah was a man of God following a path he did not understand.   The whole Mt. Carmel/contest/prophet killing/rain episode did NOT end the way Elijah thought it would.

But he heard God’s voice, it changed everything and then he went and passed that message on to Elisha.

And from Elisha, the message passes on down…..

to you…..

to me………

to the church.

How will we answer?   What will we do when God changes everything?

What sort of difference can we make in the world if we are faithful to God’s call?


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