Bigger and Better in the Right Way

Did you know that even in this age of American Consumerism, it’s possible to do bigger in the right way?

But also possible to do bigger in the wrong way?

And while you can’t do better in the wrong way (because then it isn’t better – duh!) it is possible for bigger to not necessarily mean better.

Now let’s look at that when it comes to churches…….

Is bigger always better?    I’d like to say that there are two types of bigger when it comes to churches.

There is the numbers – how many members, how big of budget, how big of facilities, how many people attend every Sunday morning and things like that.   Is that kind of bigger always better?

  • If the bigger allows you to reach more souls, to better equip your congregation to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus, then yes, that kind of bigger can be better.
  • But if bigger only means that you’re putting on larger “events” and you’re coming up with more cool toys to worship with (I’ve heard of a church with a  live Twitter feed going about the sermon), then you’re turning worship from a conversation with God into a performance and you’re turning people’s focus away from helping others and towards “what’s in it for me?”  That’s not better.

What’s the other type of bigger?  

Bigger that looks beyond itself.    Bigger that says, “We’re not all there is.”   Bigger that says, “It’s not about me.”

Bigger that looks at the community and says, “We can help make this a better place.”

Bigger that looks at our neighbors and says, “What can I do to show them Jesus?”

Bigger that looks at the world and says, “We’re only one church, but we’re going to make a difference.”

Obviously, the second type of bigger has nothing to do with size.     A church of 50 can be bigger in this way than a church of 500.    A church of 15,000 can be very small and a church of 100 can be very big.  

This kind of bigger doesn’t depend on size, it depends on outlook.

Are we a church that is happy to sit in our own little corner, meet for an hour on Sunday morning and then go on living our quiet little lives?

Are we a church that is happy pretending that all is well?

Are we a church that likes to stick our head in the sand and think that everyone believes and behaves the same way we do?

Are we a church that believes (or acts like it believes) that the problems “out there” in far away places are “not our problem?”

If we are, we’re a pretty small church.

I don’t believe God likes small churches.   Actually, I know He doesn’t like small churches.  

He doesn’t care about the size of the church (remember the quote – wherever two or three are gathered……?)   

But He cares about how big we think.    He cares about how big we worship.   He cares about how big we care.

So, do you attend a small church or a big church?


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