One of the challenges that the church faces in today’s world is a tiny little three letter word.

But  (notice I said 3 letters)

But I’m not able to do that (Moses complex)……..

But surely you can find someone who is more qualified than I am…….

But what am I going to say to someone who spent 30 years in prison?

But what if they swear?

But what if they smell funny?

But what if they stand up and start waving their arms and clapping their hands?

But what if they want to play guitars and drums in church?

But why should I care about that?

But why should I be a foster parent?

But why should I spend time working at a homeless shelter?

But what difference does it make to me what happens in Iraq or Nigeria?

But why should I listen to their problems?

But why should I care?

We put up way too many “buts” in our lives.   But this, but that…….

Jesus didn’t live a life full of “buts.”   He didn’t train his disciples to come up with objections to things that made them uncomfortable.

No, Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

And that’s what the church should do.

But that’s not easy…….


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